Contract for Services

Low Pay Law specializes in the delivery of low cost legal services using “unbundled” or “limited representation”. This allows us to assist you with your legal matters at a greatly reduced cost. It is important to understand the following before you sign this contract:

Almost all of the time that you are receiving services from Low Pay Law, you will represent yourself (Pro Se), which means Low Pay Law is not your lawyer, and is not responsible for your case or anything else related to your legal matters.

If we do represent you, it will only be for a short period of time (such as the morning of a hearing). At all other times you represent yourself.

We will perform only the specific work agreed to, and only after we are paid the full amount in cash in advance.

Community Service:
Our philosophy is that “everyone has something to contribute” and that “giving back” is a valuable part of our society. Your time and effort can be used as partial payment for our services. Every Low Pay Law customer has the option of reducing their session fee by serving one hour of community service prior to their session.

You understand that using the reduced fee option means you are required to serve the community, as best you  can, at the rate of one hour per session received. This starts with your second session.

Rate of cash payment: Debit cards, and credit cards, accepted on line and cash accepted by deposit to TD Bank.
The session fee is $100.00. Low Pay Law reserves the right to update the rates as needed. The Court Appearance Fee is $500.00 per half day hearing, and does not include “Prep” sessions.

Case File and Paperwork Policy:
Low Pay Law maintains a paperless office with the Low Pay Law customers keeping, owning, and maintaining their own “hardcopy” files. All digital representations thereof are owned by Low Pay Law. Low Pay Law destroys any “hardcopy” files 90 days after notification is sent to the customer that their case has been closed or after 90 days of no contact with customer. A copy of this contract is provided to the customer but all other copies of any kind are at the customer’s cost. Postage is rounded up.
Because of the limited services to be provided, Low Pay Law attorneys and staff have limited their investigation of the facts to the information provided by or obtained for the client, and the number of sessions that are paid for as outlined in this contract and the Low Pay Law work order.

By clicking on the Pay Now button below, you are saying you read this contract and agree to it.