Description of Services

  • For the first meeting, everyone pays a set fee. After that, you can lower the price per meeting (or per batch of work) by doing community service that LPL can verify with a phone call and simple form. Many customers find that one meeting will answer their questions, while others come back many times for our help.
  • Basic Service – Case management advice: A LPL lawyer will spend up to one hour with you reviewing your legal situation, helping you with forms, organizing your file, and helping you understand the legal process. Initial Meeting Price : $ 100.00
  • Court Appearances: A LPL lawyer will appear in court for you one time for a set fee; before and after that one time, you retain your case and your case file. You may hire LPL for as many one time court appearances as you wish. Cost : $ 500.00 per one-half day
  • DIVORCE, CUSTODY, & POST DIVORCE: LPL encourages you to take advantage of the mediation services available in New Hampshire. If you decide you would rather have an attorney help you with your case then give LPL a call. Our most frequent type of court appearance is family court.
  • FEDERAL CASES: LPL CANNOT OFFER COURT APPEARANCES WITH ANY FEDERAL LAW MATTERS. The laws and rules that allow Low Pay Law to help by using unbundled services deal only with state laws and state courts. This means that LPL can help you with any New Hampshire district court, superior court, or probate court in any county in this state, but the rules are different in federal courts.